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asphalt shingles

We have a very high standard when it comes to installing this type of roof and we take precautious to prevent any water from seeping into the roof decking, attic, and home. We make sure that the new roof has effective ventilation and we comply with all manufacturers and Cedar Bureau recommendations. We provide cedar roof shingle installation and replacement in the Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania area.

Cedar wood shakes and shingles offer the classic and timeless look that has been a homeowner’s favorite for centuries. They come in different grades and lengths; and they can even be made of pressured treated wood.

A cedar that is correctly installed can transform a home and make a statement in the neighborhood. We at Freddy and Son Roofing are experts in Cedar Roofs! Roof your dream house with us! 


Freddy and Son Roofing is a proud certified installer of GAF shingles, asphalt shingles. Their residential line offers just the right combination of beauty, performance, and reliability in a high definition color – When we install GAF shingles we are giving you the best asphalt shingles service with Advanced Protection Shingle Technology, you’re getting rugged, dependable performance with the highest fire rating – Class A, 130mph wind warranty and rating, and algae resistance. 

Freddy and Son Roofing follows all the manufacturer’s guidelines as well as state and local building codes when installing your new roof. All of our installers receive continuous training and follow strict Quality Control standards; we understand the importance of a perfect installation and we offer our 6-year labor warranty as well as the manufacturer’s 30 yr. warranty – An extended warranty is also available. We provide Asphalt Shingle Installation and Replacement Services in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. By installing a new roof you are increasing your home’s resale value. We will not only protect your most valuable asset – we’ll help you make your house a beautiful home for years to come. You can check our other roofing services. 

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