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Da Vinci Slate

Freddy and Son Roofing offers different options to target our customer’s specific needs. If you are looking for the Slate look but want a long-lasting shingle with lifetime warranty, we suggest: Da Vinci Slate.
Da Vinci Slate products are modeled from actual slate to offer that natural non- repeating beauty; it also includes realistic chisel mark that add a handcrafted finish touch. This product offers a Class A fire rating, 110 MPH wind resistance and a lifetime warranty. This product also comes in different widths and colors to match the most intricate designs.
All of our roofs are installed “The Freddy and Son Way” which means that all the Manufacturer’s guidelines and Quality standards are followed during installation. Our installers have over 10 years of experience and they go through a rigorous selection process to guarantee a flawless roof install that is compliant with building codes and looks amazing!


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