Insurance Process

One of our roof specialists will inspect your roof and identify any storm damage (hail, wind, etc.)

If damaged is found, our roof specialist will help you file a claim over the phone.

Once the claim is received, the insurance company will contact you to schedule a time for one of their
adjusters to inspect the roof. Once you have a set date for the adjuster’s meeting, please notify us. We will make
sure someone from our company will be there to meet with him/her.

You will receive the Insurance paperwork, which includes the estimate from the insurance company.
Please forward this to us so it can be reviewed.

A contract and authorization form will be provided to you. At this point you can pay for your deductible
and the first payment; if you have received the first check from the insurance company already.

One of our Supplement specialists will review the estimate from the insurance company to make sure that
all the necessary and code required items are included. We are always looking for your best interest and for the
roof system to be compliant with local and state building codes. If there are any items missing on the estimate,
we will submit a “supplement” along with pictures and copies of the applicable building codes. It usually takes 7-
10 business days for the insurance company to review the supplement. You don’t have to worry about this step,
our Supplement specialists are highly trained to deal with insurance companies. Some of the most common
items that Insurance adjusters miss on their estimates are: Leak barrier, drip edge, steep charges, correct
amounts of materials, etc.

If a supplement was needed and its approved, you will receive an additional check for the code related
items. This payment also belongs to the contractor, in this case Freddy and Son Roofing.

Final paperwork is received, and work can be scheduled. You will receive a phone call from us to confirm
the date of installation and instructions for that day.

The job is completed, and an invoice is sent to the insurance company.

The insurance company will review the invoice and completion pictures, and process a final payment; this
is called a “depreciation check”

Once you receive the depreciation check, you can either deposit it and write us a check or we can also
receive third party checks with the proper endorsement.

We will issue your labor and material warranties.

Note: Please remember that you are only responsible to pay for your deductible. If you are military, veteran,
first responders or teacher you can also qualify for an additional discount that can be applied towards your
deductible. All the replacement cost value (RCV) is to be paid to the contractor (Freddy and Son Roofing)., the
RCV is all the checks you will receive from the insurance company for the claim. (usually 2 or 3 checks)

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